Focused on distributing decorative outdoor laminate foils, decorative pool sealing liners, roof seal membranes, PVC flooring sheets and more. Providing technical support in the European Union, Progen is a joint venture between Haogenplast Ltd. and Protechnic focused on distributing vinyl products in the European Union. We are committed to the highest standards of products and to serve our customers with the best service possible. Let us be your partners in delivering your customers with the best there is.

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Premium solutions for a wide range of applications

A highly advanced laminate film for exterior use, including window profiles, doors, window shutters, sun rooms, pool rooms and patios

A range of high-quality vinyl pool liners. Designed for maximum durability and efficiency.  Featuring high UV and chemical resistance, embossing, stain repellence, and protection against mechanical abrasion and wear.

Top of the line Phthalate-free films for a variety of flooring applications.

High quality waterproof liner product for reservoir applications.
Synthetic single-ply waterproofing membrane that offers an ideal solution for roof insulation.

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