WinshieldTMby Haogenplast is a popular product line in the European market. A highly advanced laminate film for exterior use, including window profiles, doors, window shutters, sun rooms, pool rooms and patios, WinshieldTM's structure comprises pigmented PVC with transparent PMMA, a combination that offers unprecedented quality, high resistance to UV radiation, easy application, and outstanding durability.
The unique in-built Color ShieldTM technology is a standard feature of all WinshieldTM products, preventing the build-up of heat by reflecting up to 80% of the IR in sunlight, which reduces the surface temperature of the window profile by 20% or more. The result is significant performance improvement in durability and longevity, proven in comparative analyses with competing products. 
WinshieldTM is available is a range of colors and patterns, including popular wood-grain designs and textured embossing.

10 reasons to choose Winshield exterior foil

  1. Exterior RAL GZ-716 certified range.
    Ensuring top level UV protection and comprehensive light fastness protection to your window profile.

  2. Superior HBU (Heat Build-Up) protection.
    Unique in-build color shield technology, reducing surface temperature build up.

  3. WhiteShield ™ ultimate protection for white & light exterior shades.
    Developed formula, deactivating the photocatalytical reaction of the potential untreated TiO2 pigment,
    hence prolongs significantly the light-fastness,durability and life time of the TiO2 base colors.

  4. xcellent color & print shade consistency between the different batches.
    Superior quality assurance processes along with upgraded printing equipment and experienced team
    ensuring color/print consistency.

  1. Exceptional adhesion shelf-life stability. Proven formula over many years and experienced technical team, ensuring excellent surface tension and adhesion properties for extended shelf life.

  2. Flexibility and customization to customer specific needs. We offer our services (technical long lasting experience along with enhanced lab support) to assist our partners with unique solutions for their specific needs.

  3. Winshiled PVDF ultimate range. PVDF/PMMA top protection enhancing the UV protection and self cleaning properties. Designed for extreme clematises areas.

  4. Winshield StoneFoil extraordinary range. 300μm Matt PMMA/PVC 3D exterior foil, unique stone-like design.

  5. Winshield Anodize exquisite range 200μm PMMA/PVC exterior exquisite range for various profile lamination markets.

  6. Winshield Silk premium design. 200μm PMMA/PVC exterior range with our specialized pearl print concept and silk design.


Winshield UVXTMis designed for external window profiles, and is available in an extensive range of colors and prints. Featuring outstanding weather and UV resistance properties, Winshield UVXTM meets stringent international standards of quality, including RAL-GZ 716/1.


Winshield PVDFTMis an advanced product featuring new and improved formula with a top PMMA/PVDF layer designed for extreme UV conditions, increased durability and longevity. The product comes with a warranty of up to 15 years (depending upon geographical zone).


Winshield ECOTM  is a multi-layer semi rigid printed PVC film designed for various mild outdoor applications.
Suitable for lamination on PVC panels and profiles, metal and wood.
Whinshield eco is formulated and designed for moderate UV conditions

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